The Runway to Eternity



The runway stretches beyond my sight
As I line up for takeoff this moonlit  night.
Four engines hum: all gauges are steady.
Runway lights beckon. I am ready.  

Throttles advanced and the engines roar:
Mere moments now, ‘til we will soar.
Brakes released, and starting to roll –
I am exhilarated: in complete control.
The airspeed builds: we will lift off soon.
I want to climb this bird all the way to the moon.

But something is suddenly terribly wrong
For we’ve stayed on this runway far too long.
But the runway stretches endlessly
And it has no end that I can see.
We can roll forever.
But try as I might, we cannot break free. 

The engines are fine and all systems “go”
But the airspeed remains just a few knots low.
I close the throttles and I stand on the brakes,
And I try to stop this insane roll –
But we continue on: the brakes won’t hold!
I suddenly realize, I am not in control.
I’ll roll down that runway to eternity.
Wanting to soar, but lacking the ability to ever break free. 

I waken then, and clearly see –
That the endless runway, is the life I lead.
And, if there be times that I ever have soared –
Those times have been at the hand of The Lord.
For by His hand, was that runway laid –
And by His hand are those takeoffs made.




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