I go through my days much as before
But something’s now there that was not there before
An uninvited thing: a thing I abhor
In the back of my mind, a sense of dis-ease:
Like a gossamer wisp; that floats on the breeze 

For madmen are loose, and they wish we were dead
They rejoice in our sorrow: want us filled up with dread
For they’ve struck us foul blows, and have promised us more;
And foiling their schemes may be impossible chore.

 But we will go through our days as us’lly we would:
Tho’ some things have changed, and are not quite as good.
For through the back of our minds runs that gossamer thread:
That leaves us slightly uneasy: with a vague sense of dread.

So we will look more around us to see who is there.
Are they plotting us harm?
Or are “they” like “us”, ready to sound the alarm?
For a new day has dawned across this great land.
When fear entered in: with a violent hand.

 But this is the land of the free and the brave,
And we will fight this new threat;
Some will fight to the grave.
And at the end of long night – after valiant fight:
There will be another new dawn:
One that’s sunny and bright
And that gossamer thread will be gone



Bob Price