"Connie”, the Queen of the Skies  

They christened her “Constellation”
And she soon had a proud reputation.
But “Connie” she was, to the many who flew her,
And also to those who otherwise knew her.
For the sound of her engines was the Sirens’ call,
And this mistress caused thousands to come under her thrall.

She was graceful and lean, and looked half a block long;
And halfway to the stars was where she belonged.
Once she rolled down that runway and broke free of the land,
Those great engines would take her to twenty one grand.

 She’d fly thousands of miles on one load of gas.
If the jet was behind her,
She’d go really fast.
For many long years she was queen of the skies;
And in many long memories,
She lives on: and still flies.

From passenger liner to combat roles,
The parts that she played were legion.
She flew over the globe from pole to pole:
And in ev’ry geographical region.
Presidents! she carried: commoners, too.
She hauled food for the hungry: clothing, and shoes.
She was fitted with radars, to detect hostile forces:
So we could send in the fighters,
Or just plot their courses.

 A few of these “Lockheed Ladies” are still to be found:
But the roles they now play, are not quite so profound.
The air show circuit is their mission today,
To show themselves off to folks ‘long the way.
So they too, can be part of aviations’ glory,
When “pistons and propellers” told aviations’ story.


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